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Polo Vacation Be The New Trend Worldwide

Polo vacation is a new concept introduced only a few years ago. It was 2015 when this concept came into being and was effectively put to reality by Sam Morri – Warburton. Polo is a popular game played on horseback between two teams with the object of scoring point by driving a wooden ball into opponent’s goal using a long handled mallet. The word vacation when included with it means a vacation planned in a way concerning polo or keeping it as a part. It is an extra addition to make normal vacations interesting.

The source of the idea and spread

Whoever got this idea in his head needs to be patted on his shoulder. It is such a great concept. Polo on any vacation will instantly make it more thrilling. If you are an enthusiast you will love the time but even if you are not you can simply enjoy the game. Plan such a vacation with your friends, family or solo. More people can either giving you company or sit at the audience cheering to give you the boost. Specially, when you plan such a trip to a place which has polo events going on you have met a right decision. If you are a member of any of the club who is an organizer of a polo event, it is likely that they will send you request to visit their club at that time.

Where to visit?

We always switch places to see if there is anything better that we can get. Similarly in Polo a club can be judged by being there, tasting their personal flavor. At the Polo Business, we have US polo clubs and others too included in our list of reviews. Clubs send us invites to pay a visit. Our members go to take a look and experience their services. This helps them in jotting down a review of the club. You can refer to these reviews to best decide which place to visit on your holiday trip. For any more details visit our site anytime.