Award-winning hotel

How fantastic is it to find out that the hotel you have been staying at for years has this year been crowned as one of the Best Hotels to stay at in Spain? It’s great news to hear, especially when you understand all the effort that goes into making the hotel excellent and when, over the years, you have got to know all the team, listened to all their stories, lives and background; it’s a pleasure to see them receive some recognition for all their efforts.


From all of us here we would like to give you a sincere welcome back and tell you how excited we are to see you all again for yet another year. What with the kids quickly growing up and becoming more rebellious but still with the same desire to enjoy summer in our favourite summer destination: Playa Garden Selection Hotel & Spa is our summer home, second home and, our workers: part of the family. We congratulate them on winning the Holiday Check Award that they so very much deserve, above all because the award isn’t given by any particular group or organisation, but by our loyal guests who trust us to leave the planning of their holiday in our capable hands.


The award takes into consideration our professionalism, creativity and ability to resolve any issue as quickly as possible; always accompanied by a sincere smile. A 10 for those who manage the cuisine, not only because of their use of local produce, but because of their ability to adapt quickly to any necessary requirements without complaint and also without sacrificing the quality of the end result. The pools, garden and spa can all be accessed directly from the hotel. Everything exceeds expectations, especially the personnel who look after the little ones, as the kids are really the ones you want to enjoy the holiday most.


To all the supervisors, chefs, receptionist, managers and everyone else who have helped us win this award, you have my sincere gratitude. Because I understand the effort it takes to remind yourselves that the customer is always right with all the criticism, complaints, mood swings forming part of the job you have to deal with. We’ve come to realise that it’s all worth it in the end, considering the award doesn’t mean perfection (because no-one and nothing is perfect!) but a clap on the back for those who are positive-thinking, motivated and represent our great values. All the names and faces that clients won’t see or know but those who contribute to their happy faces in holiday snaps.


I don’t know any other establishment than the Garden Hotels chain that has such a strong mark in Majorca but I’m sure that those who go to these kind of establishments have the same feeling as I do now: having found the ideal place for a well-deserved sun & beach holiday break is something I’ve truly missed during those long, cold winter working hours.